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Cider Route

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The Cider Route

East of Caen, the Cider Route is a touristic route that winds through a typical landscape of the Pays d’Auge and connects, through small picturesque roads, the villages of Cambremer, Beuvron-en-Auge (classified village) , Bonnebosq, and many others in the country of Cambremer.

In this beautiful bucolic setting, a true postcard of Normandy, castles, mansions, half-timbered houses and fields of apple trees give the Normandy region some of its most beautiful images. The Pays d’Auge is also the favorite riding ground for the most prestigious stud farms.

With its specific vintage, the Cambremer Cider Route is listed in the heart of the Cidre Pays d’Auge Protected Designation of Origin. The “Cider Route” brings together about twenty producers. They are indicated by the panels “Cru de Cambremer”. Find them and enter without hesitation! Cambremer’s cider label A.O.P. Pays d’Auge is your guarantee of origin and quality.

Since the wines are different from one cellar to another, ask to taste !

Pomme a cidre normandie


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From orchards with high stems and low stems identified by the INAO and located in the “Pays d’Auge” appellation area (region of the Calvados department which also includes some towns bordering Orne and Eure) , our apple trees are planted on shallow clay-limestone hillsides and benefit from a temperate oceanic climate.

Very different from the apple, the apple cider is small and has the distinction of being rich in tannins. Listed in four families, sweet, sweet bitter, bitter and tart, only 50 varieties are retained among the 750 existing in Pays d’Auge.

Thus, 70% of the apples assembled for the elaboration of the Pays d’Auge AOP belong to the bitter and sweet bitter categories.

Apple cider

A dominant quantity, sweet bitter (Bedan, Bisquet, Noël des Champs…) are balanced in sugars, acidity, bitterness and often fragrant.

The bitter (Domaine, Fréquin Rouge …), rich in tannins, give body and intense color to cider.

The sweet (Germaine, Rouge Duret …), perfumed and sweeter contribute to the roundness of cider Pays d’Auge and the acidulous (Rambault, René Martin …) bring freshness.

To come to the country of Cambremer is to be guided by the scent of the apple ... to the delight of his eyes and his palate.

All forms combined, high and low stems, this is an orchard of more than 7 million trees.

Throughout our website, you will discover some aspects of cider, calvados, pommeau, apple juice and perry from the Pays d’Auge.

But nothing replaces a tasting commented directly on the producer. They are waiting for you with pleasure to share their passion for the apple. Find their contact details on the “producers” page.

Our Producers

Cidre et pommeau de normandie


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Observe my fine, white and persistent foam, my intense color ranging from orange yellow to amber. My bubbles are fine, my dress is shiny.

On the nose, my perfumes are complex and varied. Young, my aromas are fruity (apples, citrus), floral (linden, anise), sweet (honey, caramel) or milky. More mature, my notes are vegetal, woody or spicy.

On the palate, I am full-bodied, pleasantly rounded, slightly bitter. My aromas are powerful and long in the mouth. My effervescence brings tonicity and freshness.


A Calvados of age is a eau-de-vie to book moments of quiet or good company. 10 years, 20 years of cask … time has done its work.

At the end of the meal, to prolong an evening, served in a glass tulip ideal to concentrate and restore its aromas.

After drinking a good coffee, accompanied by a square of dark chocolate or a good cigar.

Watch her dress in a beautiful gold color and gently turn the brandy by rotating the glass to air it. Once the tears of Calvados fall, bring the glass to your nose and enjoy his bouquet. Finally, enjoy small sips that will reveal its breadth and roundness irresistible, woody notes, caramelized and an unforgettable length in the mouth.

The "Pommeau"

Brilliant and limpid, a beautiful amber color, a very rich aromatic palette varying according to the terroir, the tannin content and the age of the product, the Pommeau of Normandy, Brittany and Maine reveal subtle aromas of cooked fruits, fruits dry, prunes or cocoa and honey.

Thanks to a remarkable quality, the appellations benefit from a typicality of their own, the Pommeau de Bretagne or Maine being distinguished from their Norman cousin by a structure and a more marked tannic character.

An aperitif par excellence, the ideal temperature of a Pommeau is 8 to 10 ° to appreciate all its roundness, its lightness and its authenticity.

During meals, his personality sublimates a foie gras, ideally accompanies the heart of melons, a parsley cheese, apple and chocolate desserts. And if you like gourmet flavors, find all its fruity and its aromas in the kitchen.

Apple Juice

It is the base of everything in Cambremer, and all the apple juice is not used to make cider.

Sweet or tangy, there is something for everyone.

It is a natural product, without preservatives or dyes. At Domaine Dupont you will even find a sparkling apple juice.

The apple juice of the country of Cambremer will brilliantly replace the sweet drinks for the birthday snacks and the orange juice of the breakfast! To taste with greediness!

The "Poiré"

Pear cider is less known than its illustrious cousin but it is a product of great taste quality. It is generally drier and fruity than a cider.

The country of Domfront has made it his specialty and has also received the label “remarkable site of taste”.

You will find excellent perry at some producers of Cambremer. Some also make a “calvados” of pear. To discover in Domfront.

The “Poiré” will accompany your fish and seafood, or simply enjoy pure or with a fruit liqueur under a beautiful Norman sun. And for different flavors, it is a good substitute for wines or sparkling waters in many cocktail recipes! for example in the “mojito”.

Other products

Ice cider, calvados cream, cider vinegar …